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Statement of Student Responsibility


By logging into this site you acknowledge that:

  1. the work is your own work or the work of the group
  2. except where clearly stated, the material has not been used elsewhere or presented in any other course or subject at this or any other institution
  3. you have read and agree to be bound by the Policies of Navitas available at, and
  4. you may be subject to discipline processes in the event of an act of academic misconduct by you including an act of plagiarism or cheating.

Plagiarism means the reproduction of someone else's words, ideas or findings and presenting them as your own ideas without proper acknowledgement and includes:

  • direct copying or paraphrasing from someone else's published work (either electronic or hard copy) without acknowledging the source
  • using facts, information and ideas derived from a source without acknowledgement
  • producing assignments (required to be independent) in collaboration with and/or using the work of other people, and
  • assisting another person to commit an act of plagiarism.

You further grant to Navitas or any third party authorised by Navitas the right to reproduce and/or communicate (make available online or electronically transmit) the work you have submitted for the purpose of detecting plagiarism.